We Specialise in the supply and installation of customised Air Conditioning systems to suit most applications. Our fully trained staff will provide a friendly and professional service. We only install the highest quality equipment all at very competitive prices, and supported by a first class service programme for peace of mind.This range of equipment covers Commercial, Industrial and Domestic. Systems are designed and installed according to the specific requirements of the client and their project.

For Example:
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COOLBREEZE Air Conditioning
Key Benefits of Climate Control
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Offices, Shops, Retail establishments, Surgeries.
Hotels, Restaurants, Café, Bars, Nursing Homes.
Server Rooms, IT Departments.
Conservatories, Extentions, Bedrooms, etc...
Energy savings - has to be a good thing
Lower energy costs - always welcome
Reduced environmental impact - a new efficient system is much more eco friendly than standard ones
Convenience - stay in control
All-year round comfort for a feeling of well-being
Having a system that is based on your needs
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